Training Tips

Obedience training is a significant responsibility for owning and raising a dog. A well trained dog has more freedom, is a part of your daily life and builds a strong bond between you both.

Our treats are perfect for enhancing your training.


Introducing ROAM™

 Biophive Limited process and package all Superior Farms Pet Provisions Branded product sourced in New Zealand. We will slowly be phasing out access to the Superior Farms Pet Provisions Brand in New Zealand and replacing it with our exciting new brand - ROAM™.


There are exciting new products in the new ROAM™ branding, including Air Dried Dog Food and still the old favourite Treats and Chews that you currently find.



Watch this space.


Hip & Joint..


My pit bull has had surgery on three of her legs and she was always stiff after she'd been asleep or after a play date. I tested her on every supplement on the market, and I found some that were ok, but never totally eliminated her symptoms. I'd used both green lipped mussels and deer antler velvet on their own, but never together and the results from the Biophive Hip & Joint were extraordinary. She is more stable on her feet, she has no stiffness after resting or playing and she's more agile than she's been since she was 18 months old, and she's now almost 7. I've told everyone I know about Biophive, including her surgeon!


-Sophie D. 



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